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When you have a website, you know you need to buy website traffic to survive amongst the competition. can help you attain the traffic your website needs to beat out the competition. Do you have questions regarding our services and what we exactly offer? Just click on a question to get your answers.

General FAQ's

Thanks to our network of websites and domain names, produces millions of targeted visitors every day. Our traffic is targeted by using websites and domain names in many niches that you can choose from. We deliver traffic from the sites that match the niche you select when ordering. We only use real traffic, we don’t use any spam techniques, bots, or paid to click (PTC) traffic.

Not at all! After you order, our friendly support team will set up your campaign / c-panel and then send you an email with your login information. This usually happens within 12 hours. Your campaign will then go into the queue and once reviewed for approval by our talented technical team, your traffic will begin. Approval time can take up to 24 hours. Most website traffic campaigns are up and running within 36 hours. However, Pop-under and Adult are not activated on weekends.

Our web site traffic is filtered to be unique per 24 hours.

For every traffic purchase you will receive a free live stat c-panel, which will allow you to keep up with the progress of your campaign. You will get an email with the username and password for your c-panel after your campaign has been set up. The c-panel will also allow you to pause / unpause your traffic and change your delivery speed.

You will be able to use the c-panel we provide to track your traffic. We will also set up a or tracking link for you. For on-page tracking, we recommend using or We do not recommend using Google Analytics, Awstats, and other similar 3rd party scripts. They are not accurate with our delivery method.

For new websites and websites with low traffic volumes, our targeted visitors will have an impact on your Alexa ranking. However, we recommend our Alexa traffic for a large impact on your ranking. Our traffic could also increase your page rank and search engine ranks, but we cannot guarantee it will.

When buying traffic to a website with adsense, we always recommend caution. Our Web, Expired, and Mobile traffic are not safe for your account. Our Popunder and Alexa traffic are delivered in an adsense friendly manner. We make no guarantees on account safety. When you buy website traffic for this purpose, it’s at your own risk.

The “note to seller”-form is used by clients who have discussed an issue / request with our support staff before they order. Please do not make requests that have not been approved or ask something that our site states isn’t possible. Due to the volume of orders we receive daily, unapproved requests are usually ignored. So it is best to contact us first.

Yes, you can send traffic to any URL you wish. If you enable autoplay on Youtube videos, it will auto-play upon open. However, this might annoy users and result in low watch times, keep that in mind.

We do not send traffic to PTP sites. These sites violate our TOS, so we do not send any traffic.

Some clients report our traffic converts, however, we have no control over a visitorโ€™s behavior and thus cannot guarantee conversions. Many factors, including niche, website quality, GEO target, etc., determine if a visitor converts. Compared to keyword targeting, niche targeting is broader, but also much cheaper so a high conversion rate isnโ€™t required to provide profit. This means that buying traffic is a win-win situation.

We will do our best to deliver traffic at the speed you request, but since we only deliver real traffic, our inventory can be limited depending on the GEO / Niche target chosen. For this reason, we can only guarantee you will receive all your traffic purchase. Not the speed of the delivery.

To protect ourselves from fraudulent orders, we set up all new clients with a delivery time of at least 5 days when you buy website traffic.

We guarantee to deliver all ordered visitors to websites that comply with our TOS. In the rare event we do not complete an order, you can choose to have us send more traffic until the order is filled or be refunded for the unsent traffic. Traffic delivery will be determined by our system and Google Analytics and other non-recommended analytic programs wonโ€™t be accepted for proof of order shortfall.

We take payments by credit card and bit-coin through Cardgate. Please be advised, we do not have a bit-coin wallet and can not refund bit-coin purchases.

If you have something else in mind that is not listed on our site or you’re looking to make a bulk order, please contact us. We will let you know if we can fulfill your request regarding traffic buying.

Cheap Traffic

Our quality traffic is delivered by placing an iframe on domain names and websites in our network. The iframes are 250×250 up to full page.

Yes, we can deliver this traffic to websites with autoplay videos and sound without restrictions.

No, we do not allow them.

Pop-under Traffic

We load our client websites in a full page pop-under frame, under websites and domain names in our network.

We do allow them, but websites with sound / video are only run on a small percentage of our pop-under network, so the delivery speed will be slower. The language of the video / sound must also be matched or worldwide traffic can be targeted.

They are only for WW campaigns. However, we limit the daily visits these sites receive to 1,000 per day, since popups / java prompts are an annoyance to visitors.

Mobile Traffic

We place an iframe on domain names and websites in our network, which we load the client website in. We filter for mobile devices. The iframes are 250×250 up to full page.

We can deliver up to 300k per month from the US, up to 100k from the UK, and up to 20k from France. Since we only provide real visits, we can not guarantee these speeds.

Yes, websites with either can run with no restrictions.

No, they are not.

Adult Traffic

The traffic is delivered with a full page pop-under under the sites and domain names in our network.

No, they are not.

We do not allow either.

If you have a question that isn’t covered in FAQ, feel free to contact us.

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