The Ultimate Web Traffic Service Guide

There are several things to pay attention to as a web merchant, with one of the most important things being generating traffic for your website and measuring how that traffic translates into sales. A great web traffic service provider can help deliver the right traffic to your website and effectively measure how that traffic converts into sales.

In our post today, we will help you understand web traffic services, what they can do for you and your business and why they are worth the investment. Let’s start by looking at what web traffic exactly is and how it affects online businesses.

What is Web Traffic?

The most basic definition of web traffic is that it is an online term used to describe how many users visit a website. Web traffic can be determined by looking at how many unique visits your website gets. These unique visits are known as sessions. Measuring web traffic is one way to measure the ability of your website to not just draw an audience, but draw the right one.

How Important is Web Traffic?

In the old days, when e-commerce first emerged, web traffic was considered one of the most effective tools for determining how popular a website was. Nowadays, there are several ways to measure the performance of a website, so it isn’t necessarily used for that specific purpose anymore, but its usage goes way further than that.

Modern web traffic service providers go much further than just delivering traffic to your website. They also help determine how much time those visitors spend on the website. Getting people through your virtual doors doesn’t mean much by itself if they leave as quickly as they arrived.

That’s why, in order to determine the conversion rate, you need to determine how long people stay and how many of your visitors ultimately make a purchase. A web traffic service can use this conversion rate to determine the effectiveness of your web traffic generation and sales strategy.

Web traffic is important enough, but it isn’t all you need to push yourself ahead of the competition and get the sales that you want. However, getting a good amount of web traffic will always be the best starting point to determine the popularity and viability of your website.

Let’s say that there was a website that didn’t generate much traffic – 500 visitors a month – but they have a great sales pitch and call to action. They still manage to make around 40 sales a month, giving them an 8% conversion rate. Then there’s another website that generates lots of traffic – 5,000 visitors a month – but they still only make 40 sales. That’s a conversion rate of just 0.8%. Neither scenario is ideal and both websites are definitely underperforming, but it shows that the number of visitors isn’t the most important factor. It takes a combination of top-notch SEO, web traffic, and lead generation.

If you take a look at the big picture and see how you can improve the customer experience and optimize performance areas, you can maximize revenue from your website.

How is Web Traffic Recorded?

Every good web traffic service provider understands the process of accessing a website. A website is a collection of files that is accessed and compiled by a browser and shown as a complete package on a computer. The servers that host these files will monitor how many hits each page gets. That shows how many people access a certain part of the website. It is able to monitor each individual session too; tracking unique visitors and the amount of time they spend on the website.

When a web server manages to successfully process a file request, it keeps a note of it in the server log. This is basically the hard drive for a server. This log contains all the information about the server and website that has been gathered, in order to create a valuable database of all the relevant information a server admin needs to analyze the performance of the website and what visitors do there.


There is no denying the fact that web traffic is still the lifeblood of an online business and that you must pay strict attention to it.

However, you should make sure that the traffic you generate through an SEO strategy is good traffic that will convert into sales. The best way to do that is to hire a good SEO agency that understands that it’s not enough to just generate lots of traffic.

Find a web traffic service provider who understands the other factors involved and has the tools and SEO strategies you need to succeed.

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