Keyword Targeted Traffic

Our Keyword targeted traffic is delivered through our 100% self-serve advertising platform (XML Adcenter). The ad platform allows you to create your ads, choose when they begin, edit them, and stop or start them whenever you want.

The traffic is provided through real time bidding (RTB), which means it’s by auction. Pricing will vary based on the keywords, targeting, and demand.

Using a number of XML feeds, our self-serve platform can serve your ad on over 100,000 publisher websites. The ads can be text, image, or flash. You only pay for when someone clicks on your ads, and using zero click fraud technology, you will only receive clicks from real people.

Targeting options include: keyword, time of day, country, state, city, region, device, OS, and browser. You can also block poor performing sources, to optimize your campaigns and increase your ROI (return on investment).

Unlike our other traffic types, the traffic from our XML Adcenter can work well for clients looking for converting traffic and / or 100% clean click through traffic to increase their websites’ revenue.


  • Choose RON (run of Network) or Keyword Targeting.
  • Target by Country, State, City, or Region
  • Target by OS, Browser, Device, and Time of Day
  • Choose the IP Uniqueness
  • Frame Breakers allowed
  • Auto play video / sound allowed
  • Adult, gambling, hatred, or illegal content is not allowed
  • and other PTP sites aren't allowed
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Frequently Asked Question

How Does The AdCenter Work?

Our self-serve advertising platform gives you full control over your advertisements. After your purchase, you will be sent a PDF explaining how to create and manage your campaigns.

The Platform uses XML feeds to serve the ads you created on the publisher websites in our network, based on your targeting options.
How Long Does It Take My Advertisements to Start?
After you have created your advertisements and set them to active, they should begin within 10 minutes. If you set your bid too low, however, your ad won’t gain any traction in our network and you won’t receive clicks.
What Should I Set As My Bid Price?

The bid price varies greatly depending on the targeting options and keywords you choose. We recommend for US traffic with keyword targeting to begin with a bid of $0.20. For Run of Network (RON), a bid of $0.05 may work. If you see your ad is getting no click throughs, then you would need to increase it. If you are getting enough, you could try decreasing it.

Please note, since the system is based on real time bidding (RTB), the bid price required to get traction on your ads can change, depending on how many other people are bidding on the same targeting as you.
Will Google Analytics Track All Of The Visitors?
We cannot guarantee it will show all of the visitors who click through to your website. However, a majority of them should show up.
How Will The Visitors Interact With My Website?
Visitors interaction depends on how well your targeting is and the quality of your landing page. Using google utm codes, you will be able to see the traffic sub-ID sources and block the sources that perform poorly, increasing the interaction you receive overall.
Will I Get Sales / Conversions?
It is possible you will receive sales or conversions. We however cannot guarantee any. You may need to split test various landing pages / targeting methods. You may also find something that works right away, but it would be best to research and test, until you find what works best for you. Then scale up your spending.
Is This Traffic Safe For Adsense?
The clicks throughs will only be from real people, however when purchasing traffic for a website with Adsense, we advise caution. If the website does not receive any organic traffic, increasing it quickly with bought traffic could cause your account to be reviewed. So it is best to take it slower in the beginning, unless you know what you are doing.

If you have a question that isn't covered in FAQ, feel free to contact us.