How To Rank #1 On Google In 2021

How to rank #1 on Google

Ranking top of page one of Google search engine results is every online marketer’s SEO goal. Not only does pole position show your website is authoritative, it generates significantly more traffic for your domain.

Getting to the top of the Search Engine Result Page (SERP), however, is a struggle. Many businesses have resorted to paying for the privilege. This is not a fail-safe technique; users often skip Google results in the form of ads and scroll down to links that rely on less blatant SEO strategies. This shows that no single strategy is flawless.

So how do you get to the top of the Google results listing? Surprisingly for many, the option to buy SEO traffic is starting to gain momentum. When implemented with other strategies, paid traffic can be an excellent way to bring your website to the top of SERPs.

Organic traffic is one of the most effective ways to boost your brand and revenue. Research conducted by Sistrix in 2020 reports the average click rate for first position on Google SERPs is 28.5%. The reason why many website owners would sell their souls to rank high.

This percentage clearly shows how lucrative search engine optimization can be. While we all know that keywords are important, the latest Google algorithm takes more note of user experience than ever before. 

You will need to ensure that four items are optimized before you even have a chance of making your mark on the first page, let alone the top of it:

  • Excellent website design
  • Website loading speed and functionality
  • Targeted keywords
  • Quality content

1. Excellent Website Design

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The design of your website highly influences its ranking. User experience (UX) is just as important as your keywords in 2020 and throughout 2021. 

The Google algorithm ranks websites according to crawl metrics and speed. Website design also influences rankings in the form of user behavior. How do visitors use your site? Do they bounce because they won’t wait for the page to load? Do they click within the site? Is your site easy to navigate and responsive on all manner of devices?

When designing your website from scratch it is easier to ensure speed, navigability, and functionality from the word go. For existing sites, even short term offline periods can negatively affect rankings. It is better to work on a new model and migrate it to your domain once completed. Website design should never cut corners.

2. Website Speed

Website speed illustration

Website speed is part of the Google ranking package. You probably have personal experience concerning the frustration of a slow-loading site. Hosting technology means this never needs to be the case – there is no reason at all why your pages should not open immediately. 

According to a recent study, the human attention span has decreased from 12 seconds to 8 seconds. If your website takes a minute or more to load, you are guaranteed to lose traffic through user impatience and Google customer experience penalties. You will be sent back to square one, or SERP 100.

Your hosting company must be able to provide high up-times and fast loading speeds even if your website has large quantities of video content. By compressing files and deleting or repurposing out-of-date content, you can save a little upload time, and website space. 

However, with visual media becoming more and more central, you also need to plan for the future. Make sure your hosting platform can produce top results even if your website expands. Changing your website host can lead to time offline, for which you may be penalized.

3. Targeted Keywords

Targeted keywords illustration

If you want to rank number one on Google, target the right keywords. This is definitely nothing new. It is also far from straightforward. Every website designer, owner, and manager knows about keywords. And every one of these is potential competition. Picking the right keywords for your niche is important but your competition will be doing this, too.

It is important to include less popular keywords that still have adequate search volume results. Ranking on Google takes patience and time. You can reduce the time parameter (once you have determined your high and lower volume keywords) when you buy keyword targeted traffic.

4. Quality Content

Quality content illustration

If you’re a blogger or your business website publishes a blog, relevant and high-quality content is essential. Google loves and rewards content that provides solutions to searchers. 

Content is part of the customer experience segment of the Google algorithm. Bad content means a bad customer experience and lower ranking. You will only be able to rise in the rankings and drive more traffic to your site by publishing content that delights and engages your visitors.

When you add quality content to your site, it not only attracts more visitors and helps you rank, it also encourages other sites and influencers to link to you. These links generate significant referral traffic. Higher traffic means higher popularity – another positive metric for the Google algorithm.

Is Buying Website Traffic Worth It?

So, why buy web traffic? Isn’t it a scam?

The reason why most people are confused about whether to buy search engine traffic or rely completely on organic traffic is due to two factors.

The first is an ethical one – buying traffic isn’t fair on your competitors. We can throw this factor out of the window straight away. Now is not the time to be fair. The world of eCommerce has become saturated thanks to more businesses concentrating on online sales and services.

The second factor is the bad taste left behind by unethical traffic providers. These dupe businesses by taking their money and disappearing or by sending their websites bot traffic. There’s an easy way to avoid this – do your research.

So is paid SEO traffic worth it? If you are also working on other search engine optimization strategies the answer is a resounding yes.

Reliable and transparent 100% human web traffic providers such as Max Visits guarantee real traffic for customers with a huge range of target niches, locations, volumes, and unique fine-tuning tools that have the potential to kick your website to the top of Google SERPs.

Buying traffic is not illegal. Many marketing agencies put aside part of their budget for paid traffic. It is hard to grow an audience when starting out. Getting enough interest in the launch of a new service or product can similarly be a drawn-out process.

These are situations where buying traffic really comes in handy. Simply set up your user-friendly website, publish your articles, and purchase targeted visitors to get numbers that excite the Google algorithm from day one.

How Can You Buy Quality Website Traffic?

Buying quality website traffic illustration

It is easy to buy quality web traffic. Even the ordering process is straightforward. Follow the tips below to ensure the visitors you purchase will make a difference to your Google ranking. 

Reliable Provider

Trustworthy, transparent, and easy to contact. These are the most common foundations of every online, and offline service. 

Just as you wouldn’t sign up with the first hosting company you come across, finding a reliable website traffic provider means doing your research. You will come across companies that offer high-quality traffic but should check review sites to be sure.

Before signing up, ask the sales department if they can guarantee human traffic, find out how long the company has been trading, and check the quality of their website.

Check the Price

Paid traffic is cheap when compared to the investments involved in organic strategies. You can expect to pay anywhere between $0.0012 to $0.0085 per human visitor. Anything lower, or higher should get your alarm bells ringing.

Quality traffic simply means targeted human traffic. Only your website-based strategies can make these targets stay. 

For a web traffic seller to ask a client to pay more for ‘guaranteed conversion traffic’ is unacceptable – there is no such thing. Similarly, if a deal is too good to be true, it probably is. 

For example, when a website states it can deliver more than 1 million visitors for a couple of dollars, click on the X at the top right. Legitimate traffic providers need to maintain and manage their own huge websites to attract the visitors they forward to you. These cost a lot of money to run.

At Max Visits, rates start from $1.5 per 1,000 visitors. The transparent prices depend on traffic volume, targeting options, and other optional, often unique features to further customize your order.

Analytics and Service Delivery

The services and delivery offered by a web traffic company also say a lot about its level of integrity. If a provider isn’t kosher, it is doubtful that they will provide a dashboard for viewing traffic stats. After all, those stats will show you that something is wrong very early on.

Delivery is another crucial factor. How soon will your traffic be delivered? A good provider will usually guarantee paid traffic arrival at your website within 48 hours. Anything over 5 days and this may be a ‘take your money and run’ scheme.

Why Buy Traffic from Max Visits?

Max Visits is an online advertising company at the forefront of the paid web traffic sector. We have provided genuine human traffic to our savvy customers for years.

Max Visits was established to offer rapid solutions for low traffic websites and search engine ranking strategies. Over the course of time, we have designed and set up large, popular websites that attract millions of daily visitors.

These visitors are divided into several niches, making it easy for us to forward them to our clients.

If you’ve bought traffic before and regretted it, maybe it’s time to try again – this time from the right provider. Buying targeted traffic can make a positive contribution to your SEO strategies. Especially when you buy keyword targeted traffic from Max Visits.

Max Visits Features and Benefits

Max Visits features and benefits illustration

Thousands of customers around the world trust Max Visits to deliver their daily dose of traffic. With a vast inventory of domain names and websites that cover countless niches, targeted real human traffic our speciality.

Some of the features you can expect include:

  • Targeted traffic – When you buy targeted traffic from Max Visits, you’ll receive the visitor types and volumes you pay for, every time.
  • Alexa ranking and domain authority boost – High numbers of website visitors help boost your authority and Alexa rankings.
  • Dashboard with 24/7 live stats – all Max Visits customers have access to a personal dashboard that displays continuous live statistics concerning your traffic order.
  • Affordable rates – Max Visits boasts some of the most affordable plans on the market.

Traffic Wizard – A self-service advertising platform that helps you to optimize your traffic campaigns and get the best possible ROI from your order.

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