How To Prepare Your Website Before Buying Web Traffic

Buying web traffic is the quickest and most cost-effective way to boost the number of visitors to your website. You can see more visitors coming to your website in a few days than you usually would in a year, but if you want a return on your web traffic investment, here are some tips on what to do before buying web visitors.

What Do You Get In Return For Buying Cheap Web Traffic?

Buying web traffic is a very cheap and efficient way to boost your website’s popularity compared to other pricey marketing channels such as advertising and social media marketing campaigns.

With a few clicks, you can buy affordable web traffic and benefit from thousands of new visitors to your website in a few days.

Buy web traffic from a reputable supplier, and you are assured of that traffic being human visitors. Buy from a disreputable web traffic vendor, and you’ll be investing in worthless bots just pretending to be real visitors.

You can get 10,000 visitors to your website for up to a month at a time for just over US$14 at

Even so, paying for thousands of visitors to come to your website is a waste of money if you haven’t made some preparations ahead of time to get your site ready to profit from the visitors you receive.  

Get Your Website Ready

So before clicking the buy button for cheap web traffic, get your website ready to welcome new visitors and lead them to convert into paying customers. 

If your website isn’t ready to cater to web traffic properly, you won’t get a good return on your investment. Whatever you invest to increase your web traffic, you want to be sure a certain percentage of the web traffic you bring in will convert. 

No one can guarantee that buying web traffic will be a worthy investment for you. There are no standard figures out there for conversion rates from bought traffic. 

The benchmark conversion rates below for the types of products in the online retail sector should help give you an idea of the percentage of visitors that ‘convert’ from direct web traffic advertising campaigns.

The conversion rates above are based on the number of visitors that make a purchase out of the actual number of visitors. For example, out of 1,000 visitors to a well known Jewelry & Cosmetics brand’s website, 29 (2.9%) of those visitors will likely buy something.

A conversion rate of 2.9% is actually very good! Keep in mind, though, that these appealing numbers are based on visitors that went directly to the website of a trusted brand. They are already interested in the products and are probably already loyal customers. Even if they don’t buy anything, they could be looking online before buying at a high street store, or they could be window shopping first. 

The conversion rate is a lot less from a marketing channel such as Google Ads, which typically results in conversion rates of less than one percent (0.3 – 0.7%) for traffic that gets to a website through Google Ads.

Let’s compare that to the average cost per visitor for web traffic from

When you buy a web traffic plan from maxvisits for 10,000 visitors, the cost per visitor is about $0.0012.

If from that you can achieve conversion rates similar to the 2.9% for jewelry and cosmetics of a big retail brand, that’s 290 conversions from 10,0000 visitors.

Define Your Niche Before Buying Web Traffic

To build an online business empire, your foundation must be established in a specific niche with a target audience. As we saw with the conversion rates for major retail chains, most of the web traffic is made up of visitors that already trust the brand and intended to visit the website.

Realistically speaking, if you are an independent brand selling a mainstream product, you probably won’t see such a high conversion rate as the dominant retail brands. On the other hand, if you are targeting a very specific niche, you may well get a much higher conversion rate, depending on the saleability of your products and services. 

Defining your niche is to lay foundations on which to build up a solid customer base, ready for when you buy a web traffic plan that allows you to target web traffic in a specific niche.

There are more than 1.8 billion websites online, and the number is growing every day. Don’t let this put you off. As long as your website is very clear about what you’re selling and for whom, you can really stand out from the crowd.

5 Tips to Define Your Niche

1. Define your customer
Are your customers consumers (B2C) or other businesses (B2B)?
What’s the age range of your customers?

Where do they live (geographic range)
What’s their family situation (children, teenagers, single, married, pensioners)?

2. Get really specific

A niche is a tiny part of a wider market. Narrow down a very precise description of your product or products. If you sell clothing, for example, define exactly who your clothing is for and what kind of occasion they’d wear your garments. 

3. Identify what your customers want

Why should a customer choose your product over someone else’s?
Is it cheaper, more advanced, or better quality? Or do you have a better delivery time or tailored service? Whatever makes you unique, even if you think it’s a weakness compared to other brands, exploit that difference and turn it into something positive for the buyer. 

4. Be consistent

You literally carve a niche when you repeatedly chip away at the same spot. Always send a consistent message across all your marketing communications channels.

When people see that consistency, they become familiar with your brand, and you begin to build loyalty.

5. Get honest feedback

If you can afford to give some products away, do it! You have to get your product out there to know if you can properly service your customers. Then ask the recipients for honest feedback so you can make any changes before fully launching your product.  

5 Ways to Pimp Your Website

You gotta dress to impress and make your content engaging enough to persuade your visitors to convert. Give your website some TLC and spend some time making your content attractive with these beauty tips.

1. Create marketing content 

Having great content – and lots of it – is essential. Compile engaing and well-written content for your website. Effective site content attracts both potential customers and the search engines.

Well written and informative web content leads visitors to conversions. When you give them what they want, you’ll get something in return. 

2. Publish content in native or local languages

Poorly written content will result in poor retention among your readers and low conversion rates.

Don’t create communication barriers with content that’s difficult to read. Otherwise, you’re making it tough to convince your audience to convert. 

Use niche-specific keywords in content which is written in your target audience’s native language. If you’re targeting a market in specific countries, have your website content translated into those native languages, professionally. This will help you gain more recurring viewers.

3. Do search engine optimization (SEO)

Having good SEO makes it easy for people to find your website when they’re searching for the products or services that you sell. With strategic use of SEO techniques, you’ll organically increase your website’s ranking.  

Keywords are the backbone of strategic SEO. Do some research on the keywords that people use to find websites similar to yours to establish the most suitable keywords. Then add those keywords to your meta tags and other background elements.

Google can help you, but there are many software packages that you can try out to help you figure out the best keywords.

4. Use properly formatted text

Making your content easy to read is as essential as the quality of your product or services. Badly formatted text is a turn-off for readers, especially those with short attention spans. The poorly formatted text gives the impression of sloppiness. Readers will subconsciously read this as a sign that your products are low quality, too.

Here are some formatting tips to get your visitors engaged with your content.

  • Use engaging headlines to segment your blog posts
  • Use text that’s broken into short sections that are easy to read.
  • Use titles and subtitles consistently
  • Leave ample space between paragraphs, the eye needs a moment of rest, and some nice white space provides the breathing room.
  • Proofread for spelling mistakes and typos
  • Align left to let as more often people read at the far left of the page.
  • Avoid light text on dark backgrounds, which becomes tiresome to read.

5. Format your website for mobile devices

More than half of the world’s website traffic is from mobile devices, so make sure your website is mobile friendly. You or your webmaster can do this by using a mobile-friendly theme on your website.

When you use a mobile-friendly theme, the layout of your website is automatically arranged differently on mobile devices than it is on PC monitors. Keep this in mind with the important content which you want visitors to see. Make sure it’s not hidden from visitors using mobile devices. 

Monitor Your Web Traffic

You should be able to monitor your web traffic with free statistics tools provided by your hosting service. The information about your visitors won’t be in-depth, but you can see generic information about them to give you a picture of your audience persona. is one of the cheapest sources of paid web traffic, which is guaranteed to be all human traffic. With your purchase of web traffic, you’ll get access to c-panel to track your traffic.

You’ll also get a tracking link, and you can use services such as or

It’s not recommended to use Google Analytics, Awstats, or other similar 3rd party scripts as they are not accurate with Maxvisit’s delivery method.

One more thing to do before ordering web traffic is to make sure your site is indexed by Alexa, which gives your domain an Alexa ranking. Then you can track the progress of your Alexa ranking after buying your web traffic. 

For new websites, or domains with a low volume of web traffic, you should see a marked improvement in your Alexa ranking. In turn, if you have set up your website following the advice in this article, you should see an improvement in your domain’s search engine ranking. 

Web traffic is measured in ‘visits’ or ‘sessions.’ By keeping track of those visits and sessions, you can learn more about your target audience and what they find attractive about your website. 

You’ll see what is working and what isn’t working to engage with your readers. Then you can focus on laying a solid foundation to put out the welcome mat for an increase in visitors. 

Here’s the kind of general information you can see with free website statistics tools:

  • Number of unique visitors
  • Pageviews
  • Visitor location
  • Type of browser used
  • Entry (landing) page
  • Some of the keywords used
  • Inbound links (backlinks) 

Measure bounce rates

Your bounce rate is the percentage of the web traffic that arrives and quickly leaves without spending time looking through your pages. 

A high bounce rate means a lot of visitors are not interested in your website’s content. It probably means that most of your web traffic is bots, not human visitors. 

Too much bot traffic can damage a website’s search engine ranking as search engine crawlers recognize high bounce rates as a high volume of fake web traffic.

Take note of where your web traffic lands and which page it leaves on. This helps identify what is or isn’t engaging your visitors.

Continue to monitor your visitor statistics and bounce rates after buying web traffic. By doing so, you should be able to discern human visitor behaviour patterns among bot traffic.

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