How to Get Real Human Website Traffic

The process of getting real human website traffic is no easy feat. The Internet is packed with millions of websites with a mission to attract as many visitors as possible. If you’re running a website, solid strategies are essential to make your mark among so much competition. More visitors boost both your brand and your revenue.

A lot has changed on the web over the years. Unlike in the past when you could write a few articles and target a few keywords before expecting large volumes of traffic, this is far from the case today. Getting visitors takes a lot of hard work and effort, as well as a generous cash investment.

The process of driving traffic involves more than one strategy. We’ll look at some of them in this post. Most of us are fully aware of the importance of SEO in driving traffic to URLs. Search engine optimization sets up your site for search engine crawlers that may or may not encourage people to visit. This strategy is based on ranking keywords, customer experience analytics, and crucial technical factors such as website loading speed and design.

Targeting real human traffic is the only way to ensure conversions. Without human visitors (as opposed to bot traffic), you won’t have customers. It’s as simple as that. The more traffic you can get to land on your website, the greater the potential for revenue.  High volumes of traffic also play an integral role in your brand recognition strategies.

But that’s not the end of the story. Once your new visitors start to arrive, you need to keep them coming and retain the ones you have. Does this mean a new campaign every week? There’s a fine line between attracting potential visitors and irritating them. This is the cause of many headaches in the world of digital marketing. Growing your website’s audience requires you to implement various tactics.

1. Advertising

Of course, without advertising you can’t spread the word about your brand. Advertising has been Marketing 101 for centuries. The Roman walls at Pompeii are covered with advertising slogans. However, advertising is not the same in eCommerce. You can implement hard sell as well as more subtle strategies in several forms – written content, audio, video, backlinks, and the use of influencers, for example.  According to a post by Thrive Hive, online marketing is essential for revenue, improved visibility, and driving high-quality web traffic.

When we speak of advertising, we usually mean ads. But eCommerce advertising must cover two main forms. The first is attracting interested newcomers in the form of traffic generation. The second is making these new visitors stay on your site and convert.

Targeted real human website traffic is the result of advertising your brand, products or services in an attractive way outside of your website. And there’s the rub. It is unlikely you are the only one selling a particular product with big perks for buyers. Organic traffic that comes to your site via search engines takes time and energy – not something every startup wants to hear.

Considering lesser-known, rapid marketing strategies such as buying traffic to drive more visitors to your website can be an effective solution. You can buy real, human website traffic (free traffic is practically a myth) for startups, to boost campaigns, to restore your ranking when traffic is slow, and to provide a huge audience that other funnel strategies encourage to remain on your website and convert. This strategy does not use the usual advertising channels and can bring in droves of completely new targets.

2. Social Media

Social media is becoming the way to get visitors to your website. The most popular social media channel is Facebook; it has an estimated 1.6 billion daily users.  It’s a great source of traffic when you want to market your content, product or services on social media networks. However, the same problem applies – you have a lot of competition.

The great thing about social media is that it is free to register an account and start gathering followers. You will need to use part of your marketing budget for testing purposes; testing ensures you scale up at the right time and attract the right people. This is the perfect indication for social media targeted real human website traffic. Businesses often have insufficient visitors to get reliable testing data. Buying large quantities of interested individuals to test responses and design is a clever move.

3. Quality Content

Producing quality content has become the most effective way – and the most advised – to get traffic to your site. The power of information is incredible, and people have become used to finding immediate answers to their questions. The time of waiting for a library book to be brought back to find out what you want to know is long gone. And the advent of fake news means browser users are wary when clicking on sources. Regularly updated, true content is king; for this reason, you are obligated to publish quality content on every one of your selected channels.

When conducting research about the topics you want to inform people about, make sure that you select topics with high and low search volumes. This might give you an edge over competition that only answers the most popular questions. When people begin to realize that they can count on you to give them the right answers, they will share your name on social media and return for the latest news time and time again. Even so, reaching these heights takes time, energy, and money.

4. On-Page SEO

For those who think that SEO is dead, think again. As long as Internet users visit search engines, it is very much alive and highly effective. In fact, most website revenue comes from organic search traffic. This is because organic traffic tends to bring visitors with the intent to take action or make a purchase.

On-page SEO – specific keywords for each page of your site – should be part of your marketing strategy. It not only gives you the opportunity to use broader combinations of keywords, it broadens your audience. All of your content should be optimized for search engine crawlers.

5. Target the right keywords

Keywords are key to search engine optimization. The reason why you need to target the right keywords is because when people search online they most commonly type various words depending on what they are looking for. For example, someone who wants to learn about cooking basics might type “how to cook.” Search term variations are countless. Vegan menus, cooking chemistry, student eats, budget meal plans, the best utensils, spice combinations. By putting all your eggs in one basket and concentrating on a single noun or verb, you are limiting your traffic. This is where regularly updated content and on-page SEO can make a huge difference.

Another option is to target long tail keywords. These are keyword phrases of 3 words or more and tend not to have as much competition. The trick is to use an experienced content writer that can integrate them into your text without their seeming obvious. Text saturated with keywords can be off-putting when a visitor is looking for the answer to a question but this is more likely to be forgiven on a home page. The generic pages are where you can add your “Find emergency plumbers in Texas” text without the visitor getting exasperated. Research shows that long-tail keywords account for the majority of online web searches. They are, therefore, an excellent option that produces results, as long as they are used in context.

6. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging has been around for years and posting on the sites of the right online partners can work wonders. When you guest blog on other websites, you create awareness of your brand with their visitors; your blog will include links that take them to relevant content on your website. The host site also benefits – by posting content from other experts, they also gain authority. It is, therefore, not advised to post on the sites of your immediate competition. The Texas plumbing website might consider posting on a regional home renovation site or answering questions on a Home Repairs in Texas social media group or forum.

Many people use guest blogging to bring real human website traffic free – or almost free – to their site. You will still have to research and create the content, test its efficiency, and update it as trends and technology change. Although guest blogging is just one of many ways to drive more visitors to your website, when combined with other strategies it plays an important part. These other strategies will be slow – SEO and content for example – or rapid, such as buying 100% human targeted traffic from reputable providers like Max Visits.

7. Referral traffic

Persuading other sites to link back to you can be a tedious process. You will need to do your research and fight the competition for a place on authoritative sites. Only reputable and relevant websites should refer their visitors to you.

The best way to get referral traffic comes back to your content. Your content should be very persuasive and make other websites want to link back to you. Just as you are looking for healthy, high-traffic, relevant websites, so are they. When you publish unique content with in-depth information, visitors to other sites might prefer to land on your site rather than stay where they are. This works with local advertising, too. Ask friends, family, and business associates to refer people to your site. Referral traffic is effective and has great potential for high conversion rates.

8. Internal links

The internal linking structure of your website determines the strength of your website’s link profile. Links from other sites are important but internal links are also obligatory, especially when you have multiple pages. Internal links mean that search engine crawlers take note of broader keyword usage and tell them that your site is both relevant and authoritative.

You need internal links to show search engines that all of the content in your website is relevant, especially if you are a blogger. Blogging or affiliate marketing websites contains lots of content. Interlinking this content is highly effective for higher SERP ranking that, in turn, drives more traffic to your website.

9. Email Marketing

Email marketing requires existing subscribers or paid targeted email lists. Emails are more personal but require good design, effective and limited word use, and scheduled sending times. Too many emails and a subscriber may block you. The benefits of using email marketing to reach customers is that it is affordable, helps you deliver the right message, is easy to measure and share, and enables you to reach out to a global audience.

Most online businesses today use email marketing to bring existing customers back to their sites through the advertising of new products and personalized discounts. This strategy will not be a major source of new traffic unless your startup pays for email lists targeted to your audience. For long-running websites, email marketing can be very lucrative. Once you have put together a large group of registered subscribers, you can keep them loyal. If the initial contact has been positive, second, third and higher conversions are more likely. This type of marketing will also generate traffic when you ask your newsletter signups to invite friends for extra discounts.

10. Buy Website Traffic

We’ve discussed many of the known and lesser-known methods that drive traffic to your website. However, most of these take time.

Buying targeted real human website traffic has not yet become mainstream but is rapidly gaining ground. While paid traffic should never be used as a singular strategy, in combination with other, more time-consuming marketing methods it gets great results. Furthermore, buying website traffic from the right provider is hassle-free and does exactly what it says on the tin. You pay for visitors – tens to hundreds of thousands at a time – to land on your website. It is then up to your website’s functionality, content and engagement levels to keep them there and drive conversions. The first step of getting visitors does not always have be be hard. Buying website traffic is a proven and effective way to guarantee immediate website visitors.

If you’re looking for a rapid and simple way to get targeted real human website traffic, buy it. When your expectations are realistic, your website well-constructed, and your content and products informative and attractive, you will notice the benefits within a day or two. If you buy targeted, real, human website traffic, you can expect:

  • Targeted traffic that suits your niche
  • Traffic from your chosen locations
  • Scheduled traffic volume over a preselected period
  • An affordable, simple strategy
  • Human visitors, not bots
  • SERP and Alexa ranking impact
  • 24/7 live analytics

Paid targeted traffic can be implemented in many scenarios. Use it boost brand awareness, provide viable numbers for A/B testing, check new potential niches for expansion purposes, as an accompaniment to an organic campaign or product launch, to advertise your new move onto social media, or to consistently drive visitor numbers for SEO purposes. As long as paid targeted traffic is not expected to work alone, it works.

Max Visits provides some of the best web traffic services in the industry. It offers transparent, affordable rates and guarantees real human traffic – not bots.

They have a proven track record, excellent customer services, and unique features that allow you to fine-tune your traffic above and beyond the limitations of most website traffic providers. Select from over 400 niches and global, per country, and even per direct marketing area (DMA) geotargeted traffic. You really will be spoiled for choice!

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