How To Get Real Human Guaranteed Signups In 2021

Real Human Guaranteed Signups

Real guaranteed website signups and leads – these provide either your conversion goal or a step towards conversions. If we could be assured of a signup with every visitor, the marketing battle would be pretty much won, right?

The problem is in the word ‘guaranteed’. And in today’s bot-saturated digital world, ‘real human’ is a bit of a sticking point, too.

Selling anything is based upon a chain of customer reactions – the customer journey – and this sales cornerstone hasn’t changed much since the retail sector first evolved.

In the beginning…

A business sells a product or service that a potential customer is looking for or decides to buy (to keep up with or impress his or her peers).

The customer comes into contact with that particular selling outlet, perhaps noticing the store window on the High Street, reading an ad in a newspaper, listening to others’ conversations, or checking a business directory. They pay a visit when the store is open.

Physical sales staff answer any questions and perhaps negotiate a better price or deal.

If the potential customer is satisfied, a sale is made. He or she has become a real customer. Chances are high that the customer will return at a later date (if the product doesn’t fall to pieces).

This foundation remains the same; however, over the past decades the competitor market has changed. Instead of competing with local businesses, you now compete with the world. On a more positive note, your potential customers are also part of the global population.

There are four major factors that can help you to get more real guaranteed website signups and leads, and none of these – well, most of these – mean a lot of hard work and dedication.

Factor 1: Transparency


Every Internet buyer doubts your intentions. Perhaps they have been disappointed by earlier experiences, tricked into clicking ‘Buy’, or read real or fake reviews. Guaranteed signups when your audience is naturally suspicious is very difficult indeed.

There are several types of fake websites, the most common being web spam sites, spoof sites, and concocted sites. Your job is not to look like one, or behave like one.

• Web Spam Sites

These sites are beginning to disappear as search engine algorithms improve, but their successful past has left an impression on Internet users. Web spam sites use black hat SEO to make them jump the SERP queue and usually sell overpriced products, gambling on the (true) fact that most buyers won’t scroll through many search results to find the right deal.

• Web Spoof Sites

Spoof sites are copies of legitimate businesses – if you haven’t purchased every domain extension, someone could set up their own .net or .org or .expert extension and use your business name or logo to trick your satisfied customers into buying low-quality copies.

If this is too much work, phishing mails can be sent to your clients, directing them to spoofed URLs. Every business – even the biggest and most successful – is open to a sophisticated attack. VadeSecure’s Phishers’ Top Favorites for the fourth quarter of 2019 included:

  1. PayPal
  2. Facebook
  3. Microsoft
  4. Netflix
  5. WhatsApp

• Concocted Websites

Websites that look like legitimate businesses but simply take the money and run.

Be Legitimate

To get guaranteed signups and leads, your visitors need to know right from the word go that your website is safe. Trust badges have become too diverse to mean much; however, a trust badge from a recognized authority makes your visitor feel more secure.

  • Operate in Europe? The EuroPriSe Privacy Seal shows you comply with GDPR
  • Review badges from big name review sites like CNET, PC Advisor, TripAdvisor give you credibility
  • Sustainability and Environmental seals from leading local, national, or global bodies
  • Verified Existence Badge to prove your business exists
  • Server Verification Seal (ServerScan)
  • Site Verification Seal or SSL Secure Site Seal

However, illegitimate businesses make their own versions of Trust Badges and plaster them all over their landing pages. Only use seals that are very relevant to your business and place them where they can be seen without screaming, ‘Here I am!”.

For guaranteed signups, review badges are as important as security and verification seals, but only when the associated review platform is both highly popular and authoritative.

Be Transparent

If you can’t guarantee something your competitors can, explain why. When you charge more because you choose to support local businesses, higher prices will be forgiven. Make your small print easy to understand (publish a simplified version of  your legal terms). Let your FAQ bear the brunt of the cons of your business – at least there, you have enough space to explain why.

With the increasing speed of business in today’s economy, transparency isn’t just desirable—it’s essential.

Michael Thomas Sunnarborg

Factor 2: Competition


There’s nothing as motivating as healthy competition. Yes, your competition could – in principle – take away your customers. But when you know why, you have the means to get them back, and convert some of your competitor’s leads in the process.

While there are cons to having a lot of competition, there are just as many pros. Competition forces us to build upon our creativity and obliges us to analyse and test. In the end, if you are prepared to balance profit margins with quality service and quality products, guaranteed signups and leads are a natural response.

By all means, observe your competition. Look at what incentives (if any) they offer their signups. What do their reviewers say, and where do they say it? Test their unique strategies on your own landing pages. You can be sure they are doing the same with yours.

However, the best tactic is to make sure you are your toughest competition. Ask the best of your team. Offer excellence to your consumers. And fix any mistakes with a (slight) degree of humility.

If you want to find the real competition, just look in the mirror.


Factor 3: Visitor Volume

Visitor Volume

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times – visitor numbers count.

If your organic marketing campaigns bring in 25,000 interested parties over a 15 day period and you convert at a rate of 4%, quite generous, you get 1000 real guaranteed website signups.

Organic marketing campaigns can be expensive, however. You’ll need to bid on keywords and pay professional marketers, unless you can do everything, have more than 24 hours in the day, and never sleep. You’ll need to campaign on various channels (social media presence is a must). For this two week campaign, let’s estimate costs of $1500 – which isn’t so much.

If you buy website traffic, there is no such thing as guaranteed paid signups with paid traffic, you will not get the same conversion rate. Let’s be harsh and say you only achieve a 0.125% signup rate from paid visitors.

If you buy website traffic from MaxVisits, you are guaranteed human (not bot) traffic and can select targeted niches and locations. This means your chances of conversion are raised. But we’ll still stick with that 0.125% conversion rate to prove a very important point.

You order 400,000 geo targeted visitors for just over $500 from MaxVisits. You select your niche (out of a long list) and the best geo target (out of 60 countries). You also opt for a delivery speed of 15 days.

The result?  Also 1000 real website signups. But not for $1500…for $500.

This makes paid traffic a cost-effective source of guaranteed paid signups…and cheap guaranteed signups, too

Many great opportunities are not cheap; but some cheap opportunities are so great.

Iveta Cherneva

Factor 4: Ads, Ads, Ads


Paid ads, free ads, digital ads, display ads, social media ads, magazine ads, TV ads, video ads, outdoor ads, radio ads, podcasts, direct mails, business fair participation, webinars…the places you can showcase your business, product, and/or service are practically infinite.

Ads have the power to get guaranteed signups using a combination of colour, imagery, sound, and short, powerful phrases.

A lot has been written about how to design advertisements. But think back to those you remember best. Usually, they are unexpected, catchy, hilarious, or cute.

Now think back to the boring ones. You’ll be surprised what you remember. The human mind even takes notice of incredibly boring ads.

In other words, you don’t need to hire Saatchi & Saatchi to get guaranteed website signups and leads for your small to medium startup.

When you hire someone to design your ads, ensure they have a background in marketing psychology and buyer behavior as well as a creative side. Why? Again, we remember the boring ads.

We can remember standard, less than original ads even when they don’t register. At least, they don’t seem to register…until we are asked to consciously remember it. Or we suddenly find ourselves needing that advertised item. The power of ads has a long-term effect and design must always incorporate human psychology.

With ads, you can achieve a rising wave of guaranteed signups – cheap they’re not, but they are probably the most effective marketing strategy out there. After all, if no-one knows your name, what’s the point of selling?

Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing but nobody else does.

Steuart Henderson Britt

Memorize the Four Factors for Guaranteed Signups

If you get the four factors right, you’ll see your signup rates soar. Guaranteed.

Your buyer is more sophisticated, but much better off than ever before. The Covid-19 Lockdown has given him or her time to plan and dream – home renovations, the digital nomad lifestyle, learning new skills,  taking up a new sport, cooking complicated meals, losing weight, changing clothing, hair and makeup styles, watching the news, finding like-minded people, finding love…

Now these potential signups are able to leave their homes, they are primed to chase these dreams and make them real. Incorporate the four factors in your marketing strategies for 2021, and you’ll achieve guaranteed signups and leads for the long-term.

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