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How to but real targeted traffic.

Increasing your web traffic is one of the primary goals for any business or website owner. It is both a practical and financially rewarding goal, especially if you have high-quality visitors.

There are many ways to acquire new visitors. Real targeted traffic is the best metric for measuring the success of a new or existing website.

The best thing website owners can do before buying web traffic is to get a firm grasp of the basics. This will help them make better choices when designing a website and creating content.

Why is Website Traffic Important?

The goal of any online marketing effort is to get as much traffic and as many leads as possible. If your business has a website (and it should), you will need to spend time focussing on how to get people to land on it. This naturally gives you the opportunity to show visitors the various benefits of your products or services, and ultimately sell to them.

Website traffic is also a great metric for seeing how people respond to your content; even how they perceive you as a brand. The more interested they are in what you have to offer, the longer they will stay to find the information they need.

How to Drive Web Traffic

Anyone with experience in encouraging website visits and getting people to remain on and return to a particular URL will tell you that there is no single strategy that works on all levels.

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There are plenty of aspects to consider before you discover the most efficient and cost-effective selection of strategies; this usually entails a lot of trial and error. Here are just some of the ways to get people to land on and stay on your site:

• Create Top Content

Content drives conversion. Your content needs a clear strategy. To publish the correct content, you must research relevant data, learn about inbound marketing, determine your audience, test visitor reactions, create SEO-friendly content, and publish it on the right day and at the right time.

• Research Topics

Research goes hand-in-hand with content creation. You will have to constantly search for reliable sources to get the latest information on relevant topics and ideas. This research is essential as it also gives you ideas for titles, headings, and future publications. Thoroughly studying your field requires time and commitment. What you post today may not be relevant or even correct tomorrow. And when you don’t keep up, you will no longer be a reliable source that attracts new visitors and keeps existing ones loyal.

• Strategize Digital Marketing

Where should you publish your content? Most of us add it to our websites but this might not always be the most effective channel. You will also need to sync details and content updates between your website and social media account(s), send out emails and, at the same time, diversify how you present this content to perfectly suit each channel.

• Ensure Community Engagement

While the first step is to reach out to your intended audience, you are obliged to continuously build upon your relationship with them. This includes testing their needs and expectations to form a base for further strategizing, and continuing to create relevant content for them.

These are just a few examples of what you can do to drive traffic to your website. Sounds like a lot of work, right? That’s because it is.

The Alternative: Buying Website Traffic

For small business owners, you may not have the time, the experience, or the staff to learn and implement the above strategies. This is especially the case if you need to drive quality traffic to your website as quickly as possible.

Great content and a well-thought-out strategy for building website traffic organically should always be the main feature of your marketing goals; these will yield the best returns for the future. However, such methods take time. For immediate website traffic in large volumes, you should definitely buy real targeted traffic from reliable sources.

This topic has sparked much discussion among web developers. Paying for traffic used to be taboo – it was considered unorthodox to pay for website visitors.

As with most things, there are two sides to this coin. While unethical ways to buy targeted traffic for your website exist, there are many ethical ways, too.

Let’s have a look at how you can buy real targeted website traffic that is completely legal and well worth the investment.

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How to Buy Real Targeted Website Traffic

1. Check the traffic provider

Researching your provider is the first step to take when buying website traffic. The best thing you can do to check the legitimacy of the service provider is to ask yourself (and them) a few questions.

  • Are the sources used credible?
  • Who uses their service?
  • What do people say about their services?

Legitimacy is paramount. It protects you from scams, malware, and even damage to your online reputation. Any website traffic provider that uses bots will do more harm than good to your website. Only sign up for guaranteed human traffic.

2. Check customer support

If you plan to purchase website traffic for the first time you’re bound to have questions. A good website traffic provider always has a trained customer service representative on hand. This signals that they are not afraid to talk openly with their customers and means it is more than likely that the traffic they provide is and remains high quality from start to finish.

Contacting customer support is another way of determining if the traffic provider website is legitimate. Any fake website will fail dismally when it comes to excellent customer services – if they are planning to take your money and run, they hardly need to communicate.

3. Is the website traffic they provide unique?

As search engines become increasingly sophisticated, they can detect if a website is attracting fraudulent or bot traffic. Having non-human visitors land on your website in their thousands will mean search engines with penalize you or even shut your website down.

When you buy real targeted traffic, your selected provider must show that they gather visitors from their own managed sites. A reputable provider can prove this.

4. Track your traffic

You should be able to analyze how much of the traffic you ordered has arrived. Most reputable website traffic providers will advise you to trickle visitors over a specific period. This prevents search engines algorithms from thinking large-volume visitor activity is fraudulent.

For website owners who need immediate visitors, you can find traffic providers able to deliver your order in as little as 12 hours. However, forwarding real traffic usually takes a little more time – around 24 to 48 hours. Ask your provider for a time frame.

Check you traffic analytics.

5. Watch your ranking

For small website owners who generate very little traffic, they will see a significant change in ranking when they pay for more website traffic. This still doesn’t guarantee that you can compete with bigger and popular websites at the top of the SERPs; ranking depends on multiple factors, not just traffic volume.

6. Check the payment method

A good service provider will have several payment options to choose from. If there is only one payment method, be suspicious.


A successful website is one that is thoroughly thought through. With the combination of hard work and the right choices a website will usually experience varying degrees of success. This occurs over time – as long as you consistently update and create solutions for your customers.

One of the best things you can do is buy targeted traffic that converts. You only get a chance to convert if you drive real traffic to your website. Paid traffic has the potential to convert when you pick the right audiences from the right providers.

Buying real website traffic is just one method you can use to drive traffic to your website. If you want your website traffic to increase within a short period of time, contact us. You won’t be disappointed!

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