Does More Traffic Mean More Sales?

You’ve likely heard that getting more traffic to your site will increase sales. However, it’s a little more complicated than that. Having more traffic definitely increases the potential to get more sales. Getting people through the door is one thing, but getting them to make a purchase is an entirely different thing. Are you selling things they want? Have you presented them in a professional and organized manner? If so, then you’re doing well and are on track to get more sales from more traffic. To really take things to the next level though, there are some fundamental strategies you should keep in mind to boost conversion.

You Need the Right Visitors

If you sell shoes through your e-commerce shop, then you want to get visitors that are interested in purchasing shoes, right? It can be difficult to position your website for the “buyers” market, but things are much easier if you aim to get the right people to your site at the right time. It’s like fishing for a certain kind of fish. You’d want to know where these fish can be found before you set sail so you can get what you want.

When you choose to buy website traffic through us we do more than just give you great quality traffic. We allow you to customize the order to get traffic that suits your needs. We have over 400 different categories to choose from, which should give you more than enough choice to get the best traffic for you. From fashion and computers to pets and wrestling, you can be sure you’ll find the right category for your website. We also offer adult traffic and traffic from certain states.

Understand the Shopper’s Mindset

The average customer typically undergoes three stages of buying. It all starts with planning. They plan what they want to buy, what brand to get, their budget for the purchase, etc. The second stage is comparing different products, finding deals and bargains, and reading reviews. Finally, the third and final stage of the purchasing process is the purchase itself. Can you see where the opportunities lie in this process? Between the second and third stage is the best chance to secure a conversion. One survey showed that 67% of people who don’t make a purchase when visiting a website for the first time, ultimately make the purchase in the end.

There are tools you can take advantage of to convince shoppers to come back to your store and make their inevitable purchase with you. These tools include, among others, abandoned cart emails and exit popups. Exit popups are a kind of last-ditch effort to convince a customer to come back and complete their purchase. Give them a good coupon before they close your site and you may be able to convince them to make the purchase after all.

An abandoned cart email is a gentle reminder to a customer that they have items in their cart that they didn’t purchase. Timing is important for these emails. If you send them too soon you could be a nuisance, but if you send them too late the customer may have already made a purchase with a competitor.

Here are a few other things to keep in mind when trying to sell;

  • Make sure the “Buy Now” button for your site is in a strategic location. Highlight the button and make sure it’s easy for a prospect to see it. You don’t want to make the mistake of focusing so much on sales presentation that it drowns out the “Buy Now” button.
  • Provide customers with alerts about upcoming deals that you’re having. Email marketing is great for this. Alerts have been proven to be effective too; around 31% of people say they will buy a product within 30 days if they receive reminders and alerts.
  • Include social media buttons on the landing page and make sure you update your social media pages regularly. If the products go viral and gain attention, you’re guaranteed to get a lot of traffic.
  • Include social bookmarking buttons and RSS feed buttons on your website that prospects can easily find and come back when they are ready to go through with the purchase. An RSS feed also helps to send special offers to all subscribers without going through a lot of extra effort.

The difference between an average e-commerce store and a successful one is knowledge. Get the information you need and stay ahead of the curve. This way your business will be on the right track to success.

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