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Organic traffic is the key marketing factor that produces higher visitor conversion rates for attractive businesses. It is the type of traffic sent to your website via search engines.

While high volumes of organic traffic is every marketing department’s goal, driving it is far from easy and takes both time and investment This is where an additional option can make a difference. Buy organic traffic and take advantage of a cost-effective strategy that guarantees large volumes of targeted visitors to your website.

Buying traffic is a relatively new marketing strategy which has slowly gained acceptance since its beginnings less than a decade ago. Paid traffic is highly effective for quality websites. It offers an additional channel that delivers targeted traffic almost immediately. When you opt to buy traffic, you opt for real visitors in their thousands – something organic sources need years to accomplish.

While conversion rates are never guaranteed whatever your strategy, high visitor numbers can guarantee a higher level of brand awareness. Every visitor – targeted or not – will view the information on your selected pages. If your product or service is of interest, there is a viable opportunity to convert.

Every marketer knows that even the best websites struggle to become popular. They have developed countless strategies to get more visitors to land on carefully-designed pages. Most organic practices take time to produce an effect. Many marketing agencies bridge this gap by implementing paid website traffic services.

Buy Organic Website Traffic

Buying traffic is often looked at as a last resort. Frustratingly, fraudulent websites have had a negative effect on a usually efficient source of extra traffic. Inexperienced marketers that buy website traffic and expect it to produce miraculous results all on its own leave bad reviews on comparison websites. If you use the right provider, have realistic expectations, and know exactly how to make the most out of paid organic traffic, it is unlikely that you will be disappointed.

Not all companies that promise to forward quality traffic to your website make good on that promise. Some deliver fake traffic in the form of bots. These might temporarily boost rankings but have no relevance to conversion rates – bots don’t convert. Even worse, bot traffic can infect your website with malware and permanently damage your company’s reputation.

However, if you use a reputable traffic provider that offers a range of dedicated services and guarantees real, 100% human traffic, sheer numbers can tip the balance toward better brand awareness and higher conversion rates.

Organic traffic refers to visitors that come to your website when they type in a search term and click on a listing in the search results. Whenever someone arrives on your website from SERPs, you are receiving organic traffic. While paid traffic is actually referral traffic – forwarded from a source other than a search engine – it is more than likely that these visitors first arrived on a traffic provider website (from which your referral traffic is sent) using a search engine. When you opt for targeted traffic from these providers, you receive visitors that have searched within your niche. This niche is generally quite broad – pets or cars, for example. Even so, it is not wrong to say that when you buy paid traffic, you buy organic traffic.

The reason why search engines are effective is because they connect people to the source of the information they are searching for. SEO strategies concentrate on getting your link as high on the results pages as possible. This significantly increases your chances of being the source that potential visitor (and conversion) selects. However, SEO traffic usually takes a long time to generate.

Why Buy Organic Search Traffic?

There are many reasons why you should buy organic search traffic; the most important of these are to increase outreach, brand awareness, leads, conversions, and even SERP ranking. An online business that doesn’t generate traffic is the equivalent of an oxymoron. We design and optimize our websites to drive traffic. Only once this traffic arrives can we tempt it to convert.

Website traffic providers such as Max Visits offer the unusual combination of referral-organic paid traffic to clients all over the world – and at affordable rates. This company has earned its reputation through cost-effective, often cheap web traffic in a variety of plans to suit most online businesses. 

While you should avoid traffic providers with consistently bad reviews, it is rare that ny provider receives shining feedback all of the time. Look for mentions of bot traffic, impossible to contact customer services, incorrect niches, and unauthorized renewals when you want to sort the bad from the good. Just as with any digital service, there is always scope for abuse. Check the reviews and contact the provider.

Max Visits – Unique Traffic Providers

Max Visits come highly recommended by website managers, marketers, and business owners alike. One of the longer-running ‘buy website traffic’ companies, Max Visits gather quality traffic from huge managed websites and boast a consistent, responsive, and reliable customer services department. What Max Visits do best is offer marketing departments and less experienced individuals a viable addition (not alternative) to search engine optimization.

As new websites start to produce content and take their first steps in optimization, paid traffic can bridge the gap. Opt to buy organic traffic and you can start to test your pages without waiting for the paltry results of slower strategies. Max Visits offers numerous options for geotargeted traffic and niches such as social traffic, adult traffic, email marketing, and Alexa traffic. If you decide to buy Google organic traffic, you’ll be forwarded genuine organic visitors from the huge Max Visits-managed websites.

Been using Max Visits for a few months. Traffic is what I expected, their support is friendly, and I’m happy. Will keep buying.

Bobby, Max Visits customer

How Their Web Traffic Service Works

Max Visits source traffic from a vast, self-managed inventory of websites and domain names. These attract millions of visitors every day. Real people land on these URLs via search engines and advertising networks. Data is gathered and visitors and signups are divided into niches. Paid visitors don’t have to click on ads to land on your selected web pages; they are redirected from Max Visits domains. This means that every visitor is guaranteed.

Max Visits have developed their own unique algorithm that sends the right targets to your website. They are at the top of the web traffic provider game, offering more than 400 niche markets packed with huge volumes of 100% human visitors.

The company’s main objective is to forward the organic traffic that your site needs from their domains. Increased traffic boosts your brand awareness, increases search engine result pages  ranking, and gives you an opportunity to convert thousands when you offer them an excellent customer experience.

Max Visits are well known for their Traffic Wizard tool. This feature helps you put together the perfect package specific to your landing page or other URL.  You are guided through selections that enable you to target traffic by country, state, or even DMA region. You can also target visitors according to browser or even time of day. Traffic Wizard also offers two unusual sets of options in relation to the competition:

  • Audience – includes cheap, medium and low engagement traffic. Boost your website’s Alexa and SEO ranking, increase visitor engagement, and cancel out malicious code..
  • Pop-up/Pop-under traffic – high-quality traffic that is more likely to convert. All of the options in the Audience package but further opportunities that let you select users logged onto Facebook, Google, or Twitter, as well as Flash, HTML5 video, and WebGL enabled users.

The Traffic Wizard tool makes the selection of fine-tuned and optimized niche targets easy. In fact, the best place to buy traffic is Max Visits.

Max Visits Features

Max Visits offer quality features to all of their customers. What we also love about this company is their obvious dedication to excellent customer services.

1. Real Targeted Traffic

Max Visits have websites in more than 400 niche markets. This means that whatever your niche, you’ll find more than one to suit. Simply scroll through and select your niches during the ordering process.

2. Live Statistics Dashboard

Max Visits offer a live 24/7 statistics dashboard for every customer. This dashboard shows you all relevant traffic stats pertaining to your website, helping you keep tabs on your purchase. This is a great opportunity for A/B testing and monitoring your current campaigns. You can quickly see which pages get the most visits and which do not perform.

3. Set Your Time Frame

When you buy organic web traffic from Max Visits, you are also asked to select a time frame. This can offset search engine penalties associated with sudden, unexpected website visit surges. Select anywhere from 24 hours to 30 days. Once you place and pay for your order, 100% human traffic will start to arrive on your website within 24 hours, and at your chosen pace.

3. Affordable Prices

Affordability is another factor that makes Max Visits stand out. Not only do they offer high-quality traffic, this traffic is also very affordable. Rates start from $1.5 per 1000 visitors.

4. Real Human Traffic

Max Visits only offers their customers 100% real human traffic forwarded from their own, carefully-managed domains. You can rest assured that all visitors driven to your website are human and have already expressed an interest in the information or products within your selected niche. All you need to do is ensure they land on user-friendly, engaging pages. 

5. Boost Rankings

A high search engine ranking is the top (slow) strategy that drives more visitors to your site. Most websites that rank high receive consistently high volumes of clicks and visits. This is why so much effort is made to integrate relevant and current keywords and snippets. By ordering from Max Visits, you can boost your website’s ranking because even the latest Google algorithm sees higher visitor numbers as proof of popularity.

Advantages of Organic Traffic Investment

Organic traffic is efficient and proven to work – as long as your online presence, customer services, reviews, products, services and/or prices are of quality. Paid traffic is not an alternative but an added extra. It won’t work if you won’t.

It drives qualified prospects

When you buy organic web traffic, you drive qualified prospects to your website. Qualification means they are much more likely to follow a call to action. Quality traffic counts if what you offer is good. But beware, even if thousands of visitors arrive on your site a terrible product, slow-loading website, non-responsive customer service, or low-engagement content won’t convert them.

Organic traffic is sustainable

One huge advantage of organic traffic is that it is sustainable; traffic is a key driver of business growth. When targeted visitors land on your quality website and engage, they keep your business going. In addition, you can get them to pass on the word by linking them to your social media profile or offering rewards when they introduce friends. 

Organic traffic gives you the edge

It is very likely that the majority of your fiercest competition receives more visitors than you. Opting to buy organic traffic means you can narrow the gap or even take the lead. Many business owners still look at paid traffic from an outdated perspective. They don’t use it because they’ve heard negative rumours. Maybe they don’t even know that this option exists. However you drive your traffic, numbers count. Try it out and see the results for yourself. A smaller, one-off plan should convince you that buying traffic can add value that rises far beyond your investment. Get there ahead of your competition and showcase your online presence to tens or hundreds of thousands of people. After all, if no-one knows you exist, how can you compete? Would you like to buy organic traffic for your website? Check out the many unique options Max Visits has to offer and place your order today!

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