How to Buy And Sell Traffic Online

Are you looking for an easy way to create a passive income online? Reselling web traffic could be the best bet for you. 

There are many ways you can make money online, but creating a steady income using some of them can be quite a struggle. You could put a lot of time and resources on one method only for you to generate no or minimal profits. 

If you’re reading this article, I bet you’ve experienced this first-hand and are looking for a better way to make you passive online income.

In this post, I’ll explain to you how reselling web traffic can help you make money online easily and within a short period.

Understanding the Business Model

Buying and selling web traffic is based on an ancient and straightforward principle of trading. It involves buying bulk web traffic cheaply from traffic sellers, adding value to it, then selling the visitors for a profit.

It’s just like buying stocks on the stock market, where you pick a cheap share for a company with potential, hold on to it then sell it once the price appreciates.

Buying and reselling web traffic is commonly referred to as “traffic arbitrage.” To succeed in traffic arbitrage, you need to find credible traffic sellers who will provide you with quality traffic at a low cost.

Many websites offering web traffic plans offer reseller programs. By participating in such a program, you can easily make a good amount of money reselling traffic with little effort.

Reselling Traffic Process Explained

Understanding the following process should help you start buying and selling web traffic with no stress.

  1. Find Cheap and Quality Traffic Sources

There’s plenty of choices when it comes to web traffic sellers. Many of them, as I mentioned before, have a traffic reseller program.

If you find one that doesn’t offer this program but feel they would be a good fit for you, contact them directly to ask if they can allow you to resell their traffic. There’s a great possibility the company will be open to it, especially if you plan to buy large quantities of traffic.

However, you don’t want to buy traffic you intend to sell from just any traffic source. When you buy web traffic, there are two things you have to keep in mind: the price and the quality of the web traffic. 

All smart traffic resellers do all they can to find the best possible traffic for the lowest price. Remember that cheap, high-quality web traffic is essential to create a thriving online business. 

What is High-Quality Web Traffic?

Good quality traffic is visitors that are human and well-targeted. Getting this type of web traffic should be your top priority. If you’re not careful, you may spend money buying worthless bot traffic.

You can resell bot traffic for a while, but the customers you sell this traffic will have zero conversions meaning they cannot be repeat customers. You’re also likely to receive a lot of bad reviews for the low-quality traffic you sell.

There’s hardly any product in the world suited for everyone. Most websites have a specific target audience, also. A target audience is defined by demographics like age, geographical location, and interests. 

So you need to narrow down to a specific niche and buy targeted visitors interested in that niche. Targeted traffic is easier to resell because it will lead to higher conversion rates for your clients. 

The better the conversion rates of your web traffic, the more pleased your clients will be, and they will keep coming back, making your business more legitimate and profitable. 

  1. Create a Traffic Selling Website

If you don’t already have a platform where you will sell the traffic you buy, you need to create one. You can create a website or sell the traffic on Fiverr.

If you opt to create a website to resell traffic, you should do the following.

  • Be Niche Specific

Delivering exceptional value is a lot easier when you know the exact needs, wishes, and problems of one specific group. If you try to sell general web traffic, competing against old hands in this saturated market will be a tough endeavor.

So the best way to come up on top is to specialize. I suggest you choose a niche you know a lot about and can quickly write good content for.

  • Have High-Quality Content

To educate potential customers about your product, your website must have high-quality content. Nobody wants to buy web traffic from a cheap-looking website with poor content.

Good content such as well written articles, informative videos, and pleasing images are a great way to increase your credibility.  Your content needs to be fresh and relevant to your niche to spark enough interest in visitors. 

  • Offer Exceptional Customer Service

Another great way to stand out from other businesses selling website traffic is by offering excellent customer service. Being very accessible and responsive to your clients is highly valued. 

Through your website, ensure clients can easily reach you for any queries, and you respond immediately. Doing this will help you build trust with your clients. 

Strong customer relationships increase your credibility and, in turn, your conversion. Better still, you might create a steady flow of good reviews, which can serve as high social proof to get you even more clients. 

  1. Resell Your Web Traffic

Once you have chosen your niche to sell traffic and have a good website to do this, the next step is to market your traffic.

The question you’ll be asking yourself at this point is how much you sell your traffic. You can answer this question by answering the three questions below.

  • At how much are you buying visitors from your traffic seller?
  • What is the operational cost of your website?
  • At what price is the competition selling their web traffic?

When you answer these questions, you should arrive at a figure that will enable you to profit after meeting your cost of buying traffic, and running your website. The amount you arrive at should not be too low or too high compared to your competitors’ pricing. 

Selling Web Traffic Without a Website

The most common and possibly most successful way to sell web traffic is via a well-built, SEO-friendly website. But a website costs time and money to build and naturally impacts your selling price. 

If you don’t want to create a website to sell your traffic, here are some other ways to offer your services:

  • Fiverr: You can sell web traffic on freelance websites like Fiverr. There’s a huge demand for web traffic on this platform, but also a fair amount of competition. If you manage to get some great reviews and prove your credibility, you can run a thriving business on Fiverr.
  • Forums: You can also consider offering your traffic service on forums like Quora or Reddit. To do that successfully, you need to be highly active on the platforms. You can do this by frequently answering questions and engaging in discussions around web traffic. Once you build a name for yourself, you can pitch your traffic service to the interested audience in these groups.
  • Social media: You can use social media pages to connect and sell website traffic to your target audience. Take time to find groups on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. that have your target audience, join them, and be active.

Of course, the best thing you can do is to combine all these methods to increase your web traffic sales.

Join The MaxVisits Website Traffic Reseller Program

Whether you want a profitable online side hustle or a thriving business reselling web traffic, it all starts with finding a good traffic source. But with so many traffic sellers, it can be quite overwhelming choosing one to work with.

The traffic reseller program offered by is one that ticks off all the boxes. Maxvisits is a reputable source for web traffic that you’ll love partnering with. Some of the many advantages of joining our traffic reseller program include:

  • Targeting your niche: When buying traffic from us, you’ll be allowed to choose the type of visitors you want according to your website’s niche. You can also select the location to receive web traffic from.
  • Low prices: Our reseller program offers 10% off on our already low prices. Besides, we don’t require pre-orders, which makes joining our reseller program risk-free!
  • Great customer service: Our customer support team is available round the clock to assist you. Our fast responsiveness will ensure you don’t have to worry about not meeting clients’ traffic needs due to unreliable service.
  • Fast delivery: Once you pay for traffic, you will begin receiving it within 24hours.
  • Unbranded services: When you set up your traffic campaign, we directly send you all the necessary info. Your customer never has to know about us.

Your success is our success, Maxvisits has made joining the reseller program risk-free and incredibly easy. Traffic available for resale includes US web visitors, adult traffic, and geo web visitors.

Ready to enter the world of reselling web traffic? Visit Maxvisits and set up your traffic reseller account in just a few simple steps.

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