Advanced Buy Clicks Tutorial – 8 Tips You Should Know

Advanced Buy Clicks Tutorial - 8 Tips You Should Know

A website is an online representation of your business. Its purpose is to assist people in finding and doing business with you. But honestly, it won’t happen if you don’t get clicks. For an online business to thrive, it requires conversions.

In short, the amount of traffic conversions is critical for the lifeline of any online business. There are numerous ways through which you can get exposure and garner more clicks for your website. However, not all traffic channels will give you sufficient quality that will provide results. Social media and SEO are high-quality sources of traffic. However, the challenge is predicting the number of clicks you can receive from them. The good thing is that when you buy clicks for your website, you have total control over your traffic. It is the budget you set that determines what you garner. Below is a comprehensive guide on how to buy clicks for your website.

1. Consider the feasibility of your niche

Feasibility of niche.

Most of the time, you will find organizations trying to get any clicks that come their way. You can consider that as being desperate. They ignore one of the most important aspects, feasibility. An online business needs to know whether it is a cost-effective option to buy website clicks. What is the need to spend a substantial amount of your resources to buy traffic if you cannot get targeted traffic to your site due to the niche you are in?

For example, if you are business services consumers (B2C), you don’t want to buy website clicks for business (B2B). If you do so, you will waste your time, effort, and money. Understand your business and examine the feasibility of buying website clicks before you write your check.

2. Understand the difference between targeted and untargeted traffic

Website click wholesalers offer many packages that you can pick depending on your needs and demographics. It is an expensive mistake to buy website clicks when you don’t have any demographics in your agreement. Of course, you know how an error in your business can have a negative impact. The worse thing is that this one is even an expensive mistake.

As you decide to buy clicks for your website, know that traffic can either be targeted or untargeted. Targeted traffic has interests in what your website is offering. It could be vital information such as reviews, a service, or even a physical product.

On the other hand, there are those non targeted visitors who, in general, have no interest in your site. The chance that they can become your customers is negligible. You want to ensure that all your attention is on targeted traffic on demographics as provided with the pay per click advertisement you are working with.

For example, you don’t want to buy website clicks from Australia’s visitors when your business focuses on the local market such as New York. Untargeted traffic is expensive and has nothing to offer your business.

3. Check the ad formats the company selling website clicks offers

Check ad formats.

It is not just about how to buy clicks to your website. There is a lot you need to know about the company you buy from and how they work. An expensive mistake most people make is failing to understand the ad format of their clicks agreement. It is common in people who are new to buying traffic.

You should know whether you are committing your resources to a pop-under ad space, a pop-up ad space, a fixed ad space, text or image ad space, or a domain redirect ad space, among many others. Most companies request publishers to post pop up ads on their site where there is a mention of the website URL.

Such is the case with Google Ad word and other pay per click services. It is usually affordable because of various factors, such as the impression model of pricing. Therefore, before committing to buy clicks, know the ad formats the company uses. You can as well ask them about their general process of bringing clicks to your website.

4. Find out whether there are maximum and minimum limitations and guarantees

Find out guarantees.

Most of the time, the issue of guaranteed traffic is a deal-breaker when people want to buy clicks for their websites. However, most companies have no traffic guarantee.

The ones that offer are unable to give a targeted audience based on the set demographics. Click buying plans may be as low as 1000 to a maximum of clicks to your site. With that, note that there is no mention of unique visitors or whether they are clicks from real humans. Ensure you know whether there are restrictions on the lower or upper end as you buy website clicks.

5. Find out if there is a guarantee on sales and conversions

It is difficult to say that all the clicks that most companies bring will convert. Besides, failure to select a reliable and reputable company when you buy clicks may lead to receiving automated visitors and fraudulent clicks. Of course, they will not lead to an actual sale. Therefore, it will be a waste of your resources. Once you decide to buy clicks for your website, note that there is no sales and conversions assurance.

6. Find out how the company directs traffic to your website

A big mystery when you buy clicks is the process of generating clicks directed to your website. Always remember that you want to avoid click-buying services that use bots, expired domains, automated traffic, or even humans paid to act as if they are online shoppers clicking your site. Your focus is on services that provide PPCs.

Moreover, those that use the impressions model of pricing against tiered pricing model based on the cumulative number of untargeted clicks. If the company does not clearly explain and transparently reveal their process, you don’t have to waste your time. You are better off when you stick to PPC ad services such as Facebook, Bing, and Google.

7. Check whether you can verify traffic to your site

Verify traffic to your site.

When you decide to buy clicks to a website, check whether the company provides buying metrics and analytics that will help you to verify traffic. Even when you have real-time statistics, it is recommendable to use third-party software to verify the authenticity of traffic sources. When I buy clicks for my website, my company gives me the real-time stats.

However, I must use Google Analytics in verification. It does an excellent job of tracking and providing reports on unique visitor counts. You will also know the location demographics of your website visitors. Third-party web analytics software is very crucial. It helps you to know whether to commit your resources to a particular company or not.

8. Know the exact agreement

Know the agreement.

It is now time to exactly know what you agree to before you buy website clicks. These include refund, agreement, and cost, amongst others. Some firms may have a cheap clicks package, but their methods fail to work as per PPC advertising networks’ terms and conditions.

Regardless of how expensive or cheap the service offerings are, you should know what you are committing your payments for and the refund guidelines. Most of the companies will offer refunds in case of dissatisfaction with their services. However, you must know refunds apply to a particular case. Therefore, have a solid verification that the company finds tangible for the funds return.


Every person wants to see results as soon as possible. However, it is not easy. If you are serious about increasing visitors to your website and see the results immediately, then buying website clicks should be a priority. You want real traffic that will give you a lot of clicks. There is one way of doing so. Visit, buy your website clicks, and take your business to another level.

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