6 Ways to Get Guaranteed Targeted Traffic in 2020

What guaranteed website traffic was ten years ago, five years ago, and even earlier this year has changed. Users and businesses have become more sophisticated. Staying up-to-date with algorithm amendments, new platforms, and channels, and client psychology means we are obligated to adapt as time goes by.

Increasing targeted traffic does not have as much to do with product, website design, and customer service. These criteria, however, are essential for higher conversion rates. Getting new users to become familiar with your online presence requires different tactics. When all we want is to invite hosts of new people with specific interests to our pages, numbers count.

1. Slow and Steady SEO

Organic traffic is the central pillar when it comes to getting people to visit your website. Over time, successful search engine optimization brings your business to the top of search pages. 

However, SEO is much more than the right keywords in 2020. And 2021 means even more changes.

You’ll need to be aware of the following points when preparing SEO strategies for 2021:

  • Your meta description is extremely potent visitor bait, but always aim to overstep the competition – make it you who offers the first and most informative Featured Snippet;
  • User Experience will affect ranking more than ever in 2021 – your website will need to load rapidly and perform to high standards. If your pages don’t comply, they may be removed from Google listings;
  • Make sure you invest in voice search optimization measures – this type of search has saved a lot of tired fingers during lockdown and has now become an international habit;
  • Local SEO – another follow-on from the COVID-19 pandemic – makes people more open and very willing to use local services.

SEO works and will work long into the future. Although many articles and blogs talk about the end of SEO, it will only end when people stop searching on the Internet. This could be some time…

And time is what we need when reaping the very generous rewards of high-end SEO strategies – as well as a lot of knowledge and mid to high investment. SEO is not a quick fix but a slow burn towards guaranteed targeted website traffic.

2.Long-Term Research for Referral Traffic

Referral traffic doesn’t use search engines to land on your pages but clicks on links and ads from other sites.

If you sell horse feed, there’s no point in asking a cosmetic clinic to refer its customers to you. Alternatively, if an incredible influencer you have used for many years suddenly does or says something that the public finds offensive, this could just as suddenly damage your reputation.

Your team should be regularly checking every referral source. Has a source changed its opinion or audience? Is it considered an authority? Does that source have more visitors than you (if not, why not?).

When followers and users of authoritative or popular sites choose to click on a link to your website, you are guaranteed targeted website traffic. How long this continues is up to analytics – a permanent relationship between an art dealer and a national gallery can be expected to continue for many years; the relationship between a flash-in-the-pan social media star with a trending product might last a month or two. 

3. Every Entrepreneur’s Dream: Direct Traffic

We all want our visitors to type our name into the search bar. Direct traffic, in the purest sense of the word, is the ultimate sign of marketing success. Whether the cookies, search history, and bookmarks have been deleted or not, a loyal visitor knows exactly where he or she wants to go.

However, on Google Analytics (GA), direct traffic often counts for up to 30% of total visitors, even with a startup. Wow! Instant recognition!

Well, actually, it’s not. Real direct traffic is like the Holy Grail – it’s one very important thing, but its definition has changed over time. Thanks to Google Analytics, Direct Traffic is the dumping ground for anything that can’t be explained.

Did you know that visitors clicking on a link to your site via an app will be listed as direct traffic? Non-human bot visitors, too.

The same goes for clicking on links from within the cloud (Dropbox, Google Docs), iframe content, Apple maps (but not Google maps), PDF documents, QR scans, and the wrong UTM tags. All of these (and many more) add to your direct traffic volumes on GA.

So when you see a high percentage of direct traffic on Google Analytics, it’s doubtful you’ve suddenly become a household name. While true Holy Grail traffic is absolutely guaranteed targeted traffic, website owners with realistic goals see this particular source as a lovely but not-to-be-taken-seriously fairy-tale.

4. Regularly Updated Content

The future of digital marketing has everything to do with user experience and personalization. If you choose to become an authority on galvanized steel or Italian films of the 1950s, you won’t be alone. Many of your competitors are self-proclaimed experts, others have researched and studied their chosen topics for decades.

The cleverest of these know that the latest research can bring their expertise to an abrupt end…unless they adapt.

If websites were around between 500 and 350 BC, the “World is Flat” influencers would have faced a dilemma. Do they ignore the new evidence provided by Pythagoras, Anaxagoras, and Aristotle? Or do they carry on warning us not to fall off the edge of the world when going for a long sail?

Would you change your opinions, products, and services to comply with new evidence?

Whatever its subject, your content must be consistently updated so that your brand is considered up to date. Admitting that earlier knowledge was wrong is better than leaving stale facts behind for visitors to read.

When you become a national or international authority, you can rely on guaranteed web traffic for many years to come, but only as long as you are an authority or influencer in a rapidly-changing world.

5. Making a Name on Social Media

Less than three years after its launch, TikTok had over 700 million global users. Owned by a Chinese company, Trump insisted the US operations of this video-sharing platform be sold to a US company.


User data.

Social media is one of the few places where visitors and users are prepared to leave details about themselves. They also update these details without being asked. It is thanks to social media that personalization first arrived on the advertising scene. Ignoring any social media platform today is a serious marketing error.

In 2020 and throughout 2021, social media marketing trends will make user data even more intrinsic to business success. If you don’t have social media-based customer support, you are missing out on an incredible opportunity to get guaranteed targeted website visitors. Yes, they may be relegated as direct traffic, but what’s most important is that they are targeted traffic.

In addition to personalization, social media is increasingly relying on visual media. The combination of video, authority, and personal contact is best seen on YouTube. Practically every inanimate (and animate) object has been reviewed. Can your business website attract the same number of followers as a top YouTube influencer? 

Displaying video footage – showing how to use your products or introducing your startup in an eye-catching way will guarantee website traffic. However, like all of the strategies reviewed up to this point, this approach takes time. 

Visual marketing also requires significant investment. You will need to have done your target group homework well beforehand. Alternatively, get guaranteed referral links via the most appropriate and appreciated influencers.

6. Rapid Website Traffic: Targeted to Suit Your Business

There’s only one quick way to get targeted website traffic – and that’s buying it.

But buying targeted traffic for your website won’t get you out of the hard work involved in the other methods mentioned above.

Even so, paid website traffic is quick. And guaranteed.

Should you buy website traffic for the launch of your latest product?

Let’s imagine you’ve done most of the work – after all, you’ve been trading for a while and have made headway with your SEO strategies. You’ve already found a number of reliable influencers and authoritative websites to link to (and who have linked to you).

Your marketing department has produced a high-end how-to video for various social media platforms. Website management has updated all content in preparation for your launch. You’re not aiming for Holy Grail direct traffic but have done as much as your marketing budget allows for the other types of website traffic.

In this case, buying guaranteed targeted website traffic is highly recommended – ask any top marketing agency.


You’ve made something great. With paid website traffic, you ensure as many people as possible see it.

Should you buy targeted traffic for your new business?

Paid traffic is also extremely useful for the startup. You’ve designed your product and website. You now need to measure visitor and user reactions before choosing the right marketing strategy. This is another perfect scenario when it comes to buying targeted website traffic.

By selecting different niche groups, you can test which are more likely to spend time on your pages. With this data, you can invest in slower website traffic strategies that work best when targeting specific groups.

For example, you are an American supplier of hair rollers for long-haired dogs. To find out the most appropriate target groups, you buy 100% targeted human traffic from a reputable web traffic seller like Max Visits. You specify 10,000 pet owner visitors, 10,000 shopping enthusiasts, and 10,000 animal lovers with your order. You select to receive this traffic from US and Canadian geolocations.

Your visitors begin to arrive within 24 hours; they continue to stream to your website over a period specified by you.

With all of this very cost-effective data, you see that animal lovers from Canada don’t respond; American shoppers convert. You now possess the data that will help you to make the right investments in slower marketing methods. 

Boost Guaranteed Targeted Website Traffic with Every Campaign

Furthermore, for every launch and campaign, bought website traffic is a relevant and highly-effective way to spread the word. Having the opportunity to order tens to hundreds of thousands of visitors is nothing short of marketing gold.

Paying for traffic is not cheating – it is the only quick way to increase guaranteed targeted website traffic for any business with an online presence.

Give it a try! Order targeted traffic from Max Visits today.

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