3 Ways to Get Free Traffic for Your Website

Anyone who owns and runs a website, whether it’s as a business a blog or a form, wants people visiting their website. It would be even better if that traffic was free. Unfortunately, very few actually understand how to make this happen. There are some advantages to paying for traffic of course. You have the option of customizing your order and choosing how much traffic you want, how long the campaign should last, the geographical regions you want to target, and more. With some time, patience, and energy though you can boost your website traffic free of charge.

Genuine sources of free online traffic are a closely guarded secret among entrepreneurs who claim to have cracked the code. You’ll have a tough time learning their secrets. As such, most turn to paid targeted web traffic, often at an inflated cost, which can cripple a business built on its bootstraps.

Today we’ll be sharing three great sources of free traffic for your website with some traffic generation secrets no one else will tell you.

The best method for getting free traffic to your website is piggybacking on the traffic someone else buys.

It sounds simple enough on the outside, but you’re regularly overlooking the chance to do this. No doubt you don’t believe anyone would actually let you use the traffic that they paid for without paying them back.

You should obviously target a website that is currently generating a lot of regular traffic. If you’re able to provide that website with something of value, such as a guest post or an engaging piece of informative content related to the website, it affords an opportunity for both websites to come together and synergistically generate traffic for one another. It might take a bit of research to find the right partner site for you (as well as some negotiating skills to make the deal happen) but you’ll see the results are worth it.

Social Media is the Mecca of Free Online Traffic

Social media has forever transformed how most people use the internet. It’s become an integral part of the online experience. If anything, no one can even remember what the world wide web was like before social media.

When you consider how popular these services are, most people consider them a way to keep up with their friends and family or business contacts. We forget that it can also be a valuable tool to communicate with prospects and customers.

Again, this method can take a little work but consistency is key. Stay on top of all the big players. Try to put a few hours a week aside in your schedule to focus on keeping your social media platforms active. Cultivate lasting relationships and boost your influence.

Selling Something is a Great Way to Get Free Traffic

The very best way to generate traffic for your website (the kind of traffic that you wouldn’t be able to get even if you bought it) is the method built upon real customers that have told you that they are interested in you and your product, and have shown it with their wallets.

You’ll never have the level of influence over prospects that you do with your past customers. This is the kind of influence that makes or breaks businesses in both the short and long-term and it can’t be ignored.

Find new ways to take advantage of the customer email list you’ve built and stay in touch with them. Putting new products on sale or adding them to your inventory are great reasons to connect to old customers and get your website some free traffic from the interested masses.

If you’re serious about knowing how to get website traffic for free which is readily available and valuable, it’s as simple as selling some products, coaching, consulting, or other services and then using this “house list” while moving forward. It’s the kind of completely 100% free traffic you need to be taking advantage of. It’s about as close to a win-win situation as you can get online.

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